Next one product in Papillon printing house advertising offer is Catalogue. It contain from several dozen to several hundred pages. In Papillon print house we produce catalogue in few variant of binding.

Saddle stitch binding – pages are connect with staple. It is very popular way to connect catalogue up to several dozen pages. It is the cheapest solution.

Perfect binding – it is very common way of binding, pages are connected by glue, so called “hot-melt” or with use of stronger glue “PUR”

Smyth Sewn Perfect Binding / Softcover – we connect pages with glue , in the same way like Perfect Binding, but we additionally sawing blocks of pages before gluing. This type of binding is very strong and it is recommend to product which may be very frequently used.

Theas two types of bindings – Perfect binding and Smyth Sewn Perfect Binding we can done in softcover (paper of cover is made from coated paper up to 350g)  or hardcover (cover is made from cardboard 2-3 mm thick).

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