In this section we present nessecery information to cooperative ran smoothly and fairly. 

We need accurate information about order specification such as:

  • Type of contract (eg, leaflet, poster, folder, file, etc. ..)
  • Effort (number of copies)
  • Paper (eg: interior - coated matte 135 g, cover - Gloss 250 g)
  • Format (A4, B3, A2)
  • Number of pages (for example, 16 pages plus 4 page cover, flyer, one or two pages)
  • Colors (eg: cover 4 +0, interior 4 +4)
  • Binding (eg, sewn, glued)
  • Improvement (eg, matt laminate, glossy laminate, selective coating)
  • Packaging (eg paper of 1000 pieces, cartons of 200 pcs)
  • Treatment printing, bindery (eg folding, creasing, die-cutting)
  • Graphic design (eg client side, on the side of the printer)
  • Transport (eg personal collection, delivery of transport)

Pleas also read a information about rules in force in our printing, the validity of the offer, timing, payment terms and technical information:


Our offer, sent back to customer is valid by 5 business Day.  In this time we obliged to comply of the order in given by our price. However, in most cases, after this time we can confirm the price or adjust it.

The term of execute

Term of the order is determined in the evaluation chase of the order. It depends mainly  on the amount realized by us at the time orders and the size of the negotiated contract. Established term of order take effect only when ordering immediately, as well as rapid acceptance of your image files after rastering.  Delay one or the other case may result that the order will be delayed for which printing not responding. The reason for this is a large number of orders realized by us every day.


  • In the case of orders are not higher then 3 000 zł netto , payment is execute by cashed
  • Orders between 3000 – 8000 zł netto are realized by transfer with 14 day long term of payment.  (steady customer)
  • In the case of orders higher then 8000zł netto we require 50% brutto prepayment and term of paying is 21 day long. (steady customer)
  • Late payments will be charged a penalty of 0.5% of the gross order a day late

Technical information

How to prepare file to print:

  • File should be prepare in pdf format (embedded fonts used in the file) TIF, JPG together with the lines cut
  • The colors used in the document should be formatted as CMYK and / or spot colors (Pantone) is not RGB.
  • The file prepare in RGB color will have little saturated colors (pirctures covered with flour) which will be different from view on the monitor. If you want to open files such as Corel Draw, it is important that the fonts used in file should be enclosed or test font used should be “bent”
  • Document format should be increased by 3 mm on each side (bleeds after 3 mm) such as a document of A4 (210 * 297 mm) should be 216 * 303 mm.
  • The minimum distance from the edge of the document texts is 5 mm it is very important that during the cutting operation to the specified format does not cut the texts!
  • The smallest font size used in print may have 6pkt.
  • Graphics must be at least 300 dpi and black and white must also be in shades of gray (grayscale)
  • Texts in black must be set to 100% - K, because if the text will have each color CMYK at 100%, we can obtain three-dimensional effect.
  • Black apla can have 300% coloring max,  if more we can get the effect of undulations, sticking sheets of paper. It may also be that the film will go away or printed work will not be suitable for further finishing due to lack of dry.
  • If the work was commissioned by the client to be punching (cutting machine of an object such as a briefcase bid, round stickers, etc.) that is important that the punch schould be imposed on the document as a spot color (Pantone) with the owerprintu (printable) or in a separate file.
  • When generating a PDF (smallest file, and do not lose the quality of images) and select the highest quality ICC profile does not attach.

Digital materials

Materials can be delivered to the printer through the network website (copied to the ftp server) disk (CD, DVD, USB Flash) Username and password provides employee printing.

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