Digital Printing

Digital printing

Is type of printing in which the data are transferred to the target machine, the printer. In this way we avoid the preparation stage of printing. This kinde of printing is essential in low cost printing work, at the cost of preparing the offset is too large.  There are a lot of work in polygraph in which the greater part of cost are the matrix CTP, preparation printing machines as well as the “Crossover”     
The most common use digital printing are low input advertising materials.  Typical works on the proverbial “digit” are reports, business cards, small edition of leaflets  and so on..  The disadvantage of digital printing is unfortunately not very high quality, especially color bands to come out very badly, what should pay attention to the preparation of the project.

The main advantages of digital printing:

  • express implementation
  • printing small work
  • option to personalize work
  • low price

 Disadvantages of digital printing:

  • Poor quality compared to offset printing as well as high costs for large quantities.

Digital Printing Features:

  • Printing material are computer data.
  • The ability to print directly from a PC or another media.
  • Opportunity to make changes to any subsequent prints (personalization).
  • Lack of the printing matrix
  • Image is formed directly on the printing machine, from which to start printing.

The advantages of digital printing:

Realize the orders “offhand” . Very short preparation phase, which can be done while printing another job. The quality of digital printing is much higher than  a typical computer printer but lower than that of offset printing machines .. Print speed varies from a few to about 200 pages A4/min (For typical digital machines working in electro photographic technology. The ability to print a wide range of weights, as well as a variety of substrates. No printing plates, printing machine preparation is shore what makes it  the ideal solution for low input work. Saving the lack of test prints. The price of one copy of the print is the same as the price of a single copy in large numbers With digital printing, it is possible to make changes on the fly, giving an individual serial number and use of mailing lists (personalization).

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